Buying & Selling
Our services are distinctive and unique because we not only have the knowledge and expertise of luxury real estate transactions; we understand the details of the construction and management of our clients’ properties and lifestyle needs. Our clients have come to trust our bespoke approach. We are there before, during and after each real estate acquisition and transfer. Beyond the paperwork, beyond the mechanics of the home, to the heart of what matters – our clients!
AFD Realty provides its clientele with the finest leasing service available. Whether you are looking to lease a long-term home, a vacation rental, or gain maximum exposure for your home on the market, AFD Realty has you covered.
Investment Property
AFD Realty is committed to providing our clients with industry best guidance on the purchase and sale of investment properties multi-family, commercial, office and retail buildings.

Whether you’re looking to start building a portfolio, divesting existing assets or doing a 1031 exchange we’re here to help.
Finding out about financing your dream home prior to finding it, makes it that much easier to purchase it. We are here to provide you with the best financing solutions for your specific situation, whether you are in the market to purchase your first home or if you are a seasoned buyer, purchasing an income generating property.
Concierge Services
At AFD Realty, we understand that our clients are used to the very best. Whether for yourself or for your home, our concierge services are available 24/7 to meet your unique needs. For your luxury lifestyle, we cannot only plan the perfect getaway, or organize the most spectacular event, or suggest a great restaurant, but we do it all with your specific tastes in mind.

We do this by getting personally familiar with our clients varied preferences, needs and expectations. We save our clients the hassle, time and money, and remove stress from our clients’ lives. We leave them wholly focused on meeting their work commitments, enjoying personal time and getting the most from their busy lives.